as Jim Morrison would have said… the future's uncertain, the end is always near, don't know what's gonna happen, man, but you gotta get your kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames 🔥 don’t delay, find a way, gotta play, no better way!

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life is a multiplayer game. imagine a network of play trucks plying the streets, spreading play as the way. the more players in the playground, the easier it is for new players to jump in & soak in the spirit for playing together is the way

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return to innocence, play is the way but it’s not easy alone, so find a playmate. that’s a luxury in a world where everyone’s chasing purpose through work. thus a mobile playground is ubiquitous & omnipresent, tantalising & inviting…

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a single dose makes it easier to get through the rest of your day and the more you play, the less you stray; from the path of joy. we’re born to be happy and high, alone or together. schedule your playtime or let serendipity work her magic

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you could get your dose of minimum viable play like tequila shots as you traverse through the drudgery of your day. you could get playtime in without scheduling calendar time. you might get lucky; make a new playmate or find an old one

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after saving the world in a marathon effort, you are on your way back home and you see another such truck parked, your best friend playing furiously. no way you‘re missing this, two heads are better than one & a quick pitstop won’t hurt

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time’s a ticking & work is beckoning, so you grab a few minutes of playtime like you’d grab a quick bite at your favorite hot dog stand & make a run back to the boardroom where the meeting to decide the fate of mankind awaits your presence

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you take a closer look & you see a dart board, an unfolding ping pong 🏓 table, yo-yos 🪀 hanging around, a tiny trampoline by the side, balloons dancing above, heaps of play dough, jigsaw puzzles, lego bricks 🧱 & doodles on the walls

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imagine a truck parked round the corner. bright, colorful, lit up like a xmas tree, peppy music thumping, a joyous face shouting thru the window ‘come one, come all, come play & take a trip down memory lane!’ do i have your attention now?

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whenever you think of a food truck or ice cream van, your mouth waters & heart flutters. food has that effect & the truck entices you to indulge everytime you see it. now replace food with play & your favorite dish with your favorite game!

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A moving child is a learning child.

Gill Connel and Cheryl McCarthy

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in our quest to create some playful imagery with cats as the central theme for the playDAO, @pablomuralo and @Vemuri21 are using sketches as a medium

we could also use hand shadows to tell a story. does anyone here with puppetry or such skills want to join the playground?

with global warming 🌍🥵 & global pandemics 😷 isn’t it time we started thinking of problems as global?

if every country has an elected representative, can’t all these representatives elect one representative to lead the entire planet and actually give a fuck? as one☝🏽🌍

recreating my cohort based course as an email based course using @BigWillieStein’s fantastical yet urgently actionable framework 🏁

have there been any @interintellect_ salons on the Beat generation? playing with the Beats is always easier than it sounds to me… if you’re interested in attending or co hosting one, lemme know and we’ll get this show on the road…

does the desire to play begin through implicit inspiration from within or explicit instruction from the outside?

if you’re a child or can harness your inner child, you just need a nudge before you start cartwheeling 🤸🏻

if you’re an adult, you need to thaw before you play 🥳

when you're born, that first scream you let out is celebrated as a sign of life. children play around with sounds until they learn the structured pattern of language.

play outside of the norm and explore a greater variety of sounds not just like singers but also like animals!

as a full-grown adult, you probably struggle to toggle play mode on and off. what is the easiest way to start to play, something that you can jump into with a snap of your fingers?

ps. online/digital games don't count

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