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in our quest to create some playful imagery with cats as the central theme for the playDAO, @pablomuralo and @Vemuri21 are using sketches as a medium

we could also use hand shadows to tell a story. does anyone here with puppetry or such skills want to join the playground?

with global warming 🌍🥵 & global pandemics 😷 isn’t it time we started thinking of problems as global?

if every country has an elected representative, can’t all these representatives elect one representative to lead the entire planet and actually give a fuck? as one☝🏽🌍

recreating my cohort based course as an email based course using @BigWillieStein’s fantastical yet urgently actionable framework 🏁

have there been any @interintellect_ salons on the Beat generation? playing with the Beats is always easier than it sounds to me… if you’re interested in attending or co hosting one, lemme know and we’ll get this show on the road…

when it comes to building a community, do you prefer tried and tested tools like discord and slack or cutting edge tools like geneva and heartbeat?

asking for a friend…

so glad @iamjeremyenns confirmed something i’d long suspected: podcasts are all about conversations; whether they’re in the studio with your guest or outside of it with your audience

hot tip 🚨 build connections one conversation at a time

via @racket100

does the desire to play begin through implicit inspiration from within or explicit instruction from the outside?

if you’re a child or can harness your inner child, you just need a nudge before you start cartwheeling 🤸🏻

if you’re an adult, you need to thaw before you play 🥳

when you're born, that first scream you let out is celebrated as a sign of life. children play around with sounds until they learn the structured pattern of language.

play outside of the norm and explore a greater variety of sounds not just like singers but also like animals!

this racket is Big Willie Energy! 😆

is mastering email based courses with an email based course meta enough for you?

move over newsletters, i think everyone should have their own email based course! thanks to @BigWillieStein you can 💌


as a full-grown adult, you probably struggle to toggle play mode on and off. what is the easiest way to start to play, something that you can jump into with a snap of your fingers?

ps. online/digital games don't count

playing with memories and sharing them with another human is better than carrying the burdened of memories in isolation. while we can play alone, sharing the activity, the energy, that spirit with others makes it exponentially more fun!

‘how can i have fun right now?’ gets me into a playful spirit no matter what. i turned the mourning of my uncle's death into a playful activity. unable to sleep, i called a friend over and regaled her with stories of his life while making a montage tribute from old family photos

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.

Abraham Maslow

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this one time i painted a cross dressing hirsute wrestler after watching Nacho Libre

the things you find when your basement floods and you have to spend the whole day salvaging the reservoirs of nostalgia…

work is stressful and people often burn out. but what if i told you, you can actually work even harder if your actions are born from the spirit of playfulness?

observe any child or animal at play and one may even call them serious. a child trying to build a sand castle or a kitten stalking it’s prey are both being playful. in nature, everything is play. and the stakes are more often than not, dead serious - life and death.

The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.

Carl Jung

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look ma! my foist audiogram… with talking dots and of course that gorgeous face that launched a thousand ships 🚢

sorry @dickiebush 😆

growing a decentralised, hierarchy independent community is no easy task

so @RichDecibels uses the concept of microsolidarity to help communities grow from buddy pairs to larger crowds

follow the 🧵 to learn how you can do the same👇🏽

via @racket100

the importance of accepting and embracing the seasons of creativity & rest is something @edwardrooster is playing with, not to mention exploring the infinite scenius that is the playground

via @racket100

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