I'm actually really impressed with Yandex for search.


MalwareBytes is blocking mas.to saying it may contain malware.

My site appears to have been from now.

What shall I do with this new-found privilege?

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If you had someone knocking at your door everyday trying to sell you something wouldn't you get mad?

You certainly wouldn't pay for his shoes.

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Why do people accept being advertised to?

If platforms that use advertising are doing well it can only mean one thing: people are buying things they don't need, and probably never wanted.

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Here's a hint. If the only reason you put stuff on the internet is to gain advertising revenue:

Don't put your stuff on the internet.

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Ad blocker-blockers can go up themselves.

Re-working my static site pages to be path location agnostic... so they can work in IPFS basically.

Oh well. Tried to make a good website. Thought it was useful. Nobody agreed.

I used to think I was just weird. Or everyone else was stupid.

Now I think I just have .

I wonder if I can make mastodon my website home page basically.


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