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I wrote a tool to automate taking screenshots of widgets!

It took me a couple of days, but with the compositor running in headless mode, screenshots can even be taken from CI! No more fiddling with a VM and spending hours in GIMP to make screenshots in various languages for Metadata Cleaner's help pages.

It was also the opportunity to start using -rs, the GTK Rust bindings.

Source is here:

Ce problème de vocabulaire masque les possibilité d'intersectionnalité que le librisme offre. La destruction du droit d'auteur, de brevets et la création de communs est anticapitaliste, la création d'outils de communication sécurisée et d'outils de publication aide les luttes antiracistes et antipatriarcales, la lutte contre les brevets est primordiale pour une politique de santé publique efficace, la réparabilité et la hackabilité sont primordiales pour l'écologisme.

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Metadata Cleaner saw its first release one year ago, and in the meantime was ported to and got a new appearance thanks to !


By the way, my film scanner not working with Linux is the only reason I keep a Windows VM around

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I release v2.1.1 of Metadata Cleaner! This a minor update with new translations and a few bugs fixed.

The full release notes:

jvoisin announced the tenth anniversary of MAT, the metadata removing tool that is the predecessor of mat2, the foundation of my Metadata Cleaner app! Happy birthday and a big thank you! 🎉

The blog post:
mat2 repository:

I have to say that of all the publishing platforms I use (Amazon, Apple, Kobo), Apple's is the most cumbersome. They require you to use two different web portals to manage and update your books.

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I finally updated the covers of my French translations of Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm novels!

I'm on a release streak! I released version 2.1.0 of Metadata Cleaner, my Circle app. It now allows adding whole folders at once and brings a few other improvements.

The full release notes:

Just released an update for Night Theme Switcher, my Shell extension to make the desktop easier on the eye at night!

Urgh, I just discovered some users are apparently facing a crash with one of my app. The problem is that they left a comment in their software center that I couldn't see because I use a different language, and that I have no way to get in touch with them in order to have more information about their issue :/

Je vais rarement au cinéma mais je vous recommande vivement d’aller voir « Debout les femmes »:

Flatpaking games from GOG. Some work fine, some insist on not using standard config, data and temp directories and instead try to write files next to the executables… But this place is read-only in Flatpak.

Apparently I managed to flatpak Wine and use it as a base app for a Windows game, and it works great 🕹️

I just released v2.0.0 of Metadata Cleaner! 🎉


This is a major upgrade featuring a brand new user interface built with GTK4 and libadwaita, a new help system and a whole set of new and updated translations.

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