Hello Mastodon. I've jumped through three different medical conditions over the past few months and am not able to exercise or eat the way I used to, and have actually lost weight there. My quest to build a sturdy body has paused.

But it's not over! I will surely resume once I'm fully healthy.

That said, I'll be deleting this account in a few days and no longer post updates. Thank you for all those who encouraged me and gave me useful advice, especially @zylaxis.

Rock Lee

What I thought was a usual swelling has turned out to be seronegative arthritis. I'm gonna need anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to recover completely and be able to walk again.

I'll keep checking in, but expect no posts for the coming few days.

Workout log 

This injury is still there. In fact, it got worse and I had to see a doctor. I'm on medication right now and will still need about 2-3 days for complete recovery.

So yeah, no workouts till then. And even after that, I'm not planning on straining my legs. Will focus on upper body exercises for a week or two.

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Take care of yourself so you can keep being awesome.

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 3/4, Day 1
Runner Stability

A workout focused on body balance. Somewhat tough, but instead of quitting midway, I skipped a couple exercises and made it to the end.

Can't believe I've crossed the halfway point on the 4-week plan without skipping a single workout day! This is as serious as I have ever been in my entire life about fitness, and I'm all fired up!

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 2/4, Day 6

I decided to go for a run in the evening instead of working out. Ran 1 km in 7 minutes including a couple of breaks and stopping to chat with a veteran runner.

This man started running at the age of 45. He's in his 50s now and has completed over 40 full marathons since. I feel fortunate to have such an inspiring presence in my neighborhood.

Diet upgrade 

Nuts are a great source of good calories, and they do that without making you feel full.

I bought some cashews, almonds, walnuts and peanut butter, which I can keep snacking throughout the day.

Workout music 

I need upbeat and somewhat loud tracks—that's non-negotiable.

While Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Guns 'N' Roses all work well, I can't find anything more perfect than The Score. It's almost as if their songs are made for encouraging you to push yourself!

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 2/4, Day 4
Go, Rest, Repeat

Another intense 30-minute workout in which I lasted about 11 minutes. However, this time, I quit before I maxed out. As a result, I did _not_ feel like a zombie for the next 15 minutes (in your head, in your head).

Also, bear crawling felt a bit easier and more balanced than last time. That's a sign of improvement! 🎉

Workout log 

Secondly, a lot of yoga poses require you to touch your toes or the floor with your hands—without bending your knees. The professional practitioners make it look like a cakewalk but it's not one.

I missed my toes by at least ten inches if I tried to keep my legs straight. I've faced this during yoga sessions at primary school as well.

This is partly because my leg-to-body ratio is larger than average and partly because I've never done this seriously. It's gonna take a _lot_ of time.

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Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 2/4, Day 2
Essential Strength Yoga

Okay, this was not the kind of workout I'm used to. Yoga is weird. (Yes, I'm Indian.)

For one, it was a continuous session where you cannot preview an exercise because you're supposed to keep smoothly transitioning from pose to pose for 20 minutes. And sometimes you cannot look at the screen. Audio instructions don't cut it. This is more of a flaw in the app rather than the technique itself.

Brain reprogramming complete. Even on recovery days, I cannot help but do at least some simple exercises after I'm done brushing my teeth.

_Atomic Habits_ author James Clear refers to this as "habit stacking" and boy does it work well! ⚡

Workout log 

7-Minute Total-Body Desk Detox

Surprised myself with an unplanned workout on the same day! This one was relatively simple and low-intensity, but great for loosening up your body after being still for a long time.

It did promise to be "no-sweat" but Nike doesn't know Mumbai heat.

I'm considering doing this every evening after work, thus forming a nice routine of an intensive workout on alternate mornings and an easy stretch during the weekday evenings.

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Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 1/4, Day 7
Floor to Core

A 30-minute mobility workout, of which I lasted 18:40. More because I was out of energy than due to muscle pain—just like every other workout I quit midway.

Yeah, I really need to work on my stamina.

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 1/4, Day 5

It was a 46-minute endurance training but I could only endure for about 10 minutes, after which I ran out of breath. Difficulty 10/10.

However, I'm glad that despite not being able to complete everything the app throws at me, I sure af show up and do it. If I've had a bad sleep, I'll wake up late and work out in the evening but I will not skip unless I'm ill or injured or something.

Diet upgrade 

Bought a couple dozen of these little babies for some inter-meal nutrition. Unfortunately, they didn't have the bigger ones.

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 1/4, Day 4
Recovery Day

After yesterday's workout, I was peppy as usual throughout the day. At night, though, I felt a tinge of pain in my waist. This is why recovery days are important when you're starting out. Had I worked out today, I could've worsened it.

Slow and steady does indeed win the race.

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 1/4, Day 3
Core Crunch 2.0

Myriad core exercises, most of which I could complete with moderate efficacy. A notable exception was bear crawl, which requires extraordinary hand-leg coordination.

The dedicated warmup and cooldown were a plus. I sweated a lot but didn't go out of breath.

Marked it 5/10 difficult.

This lockdown shit has activated that weird part of my brain which craves to put on shoes for no reason.

I use that craving as a motivation to work out.

Workout log 

NTC Start Up
Week 1, day 2

The app recommends a recovery day, which I agree to because after yesterday's benchmark, I do have some of that sweet post-exercise pain in some parts.

However, I did a set of 10 bicep curls using my suitcase and will do a few more spread throughout the day. That's a muscle group the app's plan doesn't target, because I told it I have no equipment.

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