Rough day . Helping people is rough work.

Fun TY Stimulus. This puts me back together after that ..tail end hit and run on my last girl. Rolled me 7 times down a bank. They drove on.

The Sky Is Electric .
Today is July 18th 2021

What kind of world is this.. stand by . The Sky Is Electric

Live just now event recorded. Movie playing in background is . The Rock and the Silver back gorilla movie.

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#Pegasus « peut aspirer l’ensemble des données contenues dans un téléphone, depuis les photographies ou les carnets d’adresses jusqu’aux messages échangés sur des applications, pourtant sécurisées, comme Signal ou WhatsApp. »
⁦@DamienLeloup⁩ ⁦


Quick . Give me my own instance , I'm gonna shut Facebook down , real fast.


How is that . A station called rant.

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A rich man don't stand a chance in heaven.

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