How did you (first) sign-up on #Mastodon?


@Gargron Could do with a 'started own instance' option 😜

@rodti Did you actually start it before checking Mastodon out by any other means?

@Gargron I read up on Mastodon but didn't start an account until I had my own instance up and running.

@Gargron I realise this is maybe a fringe case, but I self-host a whole pile of stuff and so when I read about Mastodon I thought 'this is for me' and had an instance spun up in about ten minutes.

@rodti @Gargron Yep, same here. I thought about signing up on another server, but was like, "nah, I want to run my own first." I had been working on this set of scripts for self-hosting:

and that's what I'm currently using to run this instance from the official docker containers. I got my first set of peeps to follow off of threads about Mastodon on and HackerNews.


@Gargron I registered in April 2017 and had my own account on there until I started in (I think) March last year.

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