It's amazing how busy I can feel when I've actually got nothing I need to do. When an episode of major depression cools off I'm a real high functioning mother fucker.

Man getting a substantial paycheck is going to be so weird.

Overall running from cops has been pretty entertaining. I wonder if it's exploitive to be entertained and informed by the second degree.

To clarify for anyone answering that it's socially acceptable: questioning your amount of alcohol use is a sign of alcoholism.

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Waking up at 3 and getting drunk off of wine. Is it socially acceptable as a night shift nurse or is it day drinking?

I gotta admit, seeing white folk who I know are personally racist go all black lives matter is a good thing to see. America's racist, if they can start to change their view of the world maybe it can too.

Mastodon's feed feels like an exercise in tackling conflict theory by argumentum ad absurdum.

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**The 'Best of Nextdoor' Account Is Trying to Make the Site Less Racist**

"When Nextdoor stated 'Black Lives Matter' while moderators censored BLM content, account creator Jenn Takahashi felt obligated to speak up."

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Boot licking propensity should follow a normal distribution.

This is why you don't learn how to pirate ebooks and journal articles quickly. You do dumb shit like this.

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Look for research articles about a book, find garbage, decide to read the book for a weak ass discussion board post.

I love it when my laptop breaks right in the middle of writing a research paper.

I've been told before that male nurses suffer from a fragile masculinity. I don't consider that true for myself but maybe I'm not introspective enough to detect it. It made me think, however, because I felt that identifying as a carer and taking a feminine role was a reinforcement to my masculine identity. Does revisiting it make my masculinity fragile? Isn't thinking about it critically the opposite?

Is rewatching marvel Netflix shows a symptom of an exacerbation of major depression?

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