ok im just chalking it up to: using the same characters and source material means u are bound to draw similar conclusions to how characters feel and would act in similar situations ig?

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maybe rip off is too harsh but i think that i think it there will be... situational similarities but hopefully the way situations play out is different??? idk >:-/

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UGGHHHHH im trying to read other junefic bc i dont want to rip off other ppls shit but i can like Tell that im going to anyway cuz ive had this shit planned out for months and im too stubborn to change it lmfao

does anyone say c*nt in homestuck. karkat says it once right

wait i guess terezi is libra in albanian..... but come On tiresi -> terisi -> terezi

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how do u get inside jake english's head..... how does that man Think

damn like.... all of the kids' diets were probably weird as fuck growing up. jade jake roxy and dirk all probably grew up eating only canned foods. rose probably ate a lot of stuff she could make for herself at a young age like microwave meals. dave probably ate exclusively stuff u can get at gas stations with the occassional fast food

literally have written several hundred words about them arguing about shitty 80s comedians..... why? i dont know

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i don't know why i had trouble writing dave and karkat they're literally just like. two stupid little men who don't know how to shut the fuck up

i think i'm gonna save a couple convos for later chapters tho cuz i cant figure out where to put them :-/

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i really thought this shit would be like 2000 words max.... im creeping ever closer to 6k...............

why does harry anderson carry around a backpack... just captchalogue shit you bozo

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