i think i'm gonna save a couple convos for later chapters tho cuz i cant figure out where to put them :-/

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i really thought this shit would be like 2000 words max.... im creeping ever closer to 6k...............

why does harry anderson carry around a backpack... just captchalogue shit you bozo

ok this chapter is like.... 60% done. i can DO THIS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

i dont even have that many followers on twitter but its the biggest audience ive ever had... scary

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mastodon is nice bc so little ppl follow me and i feel like i can just tweet out my dumb thoughts and no one cares

i havent written any for the past two days so i feel... bad! and like ppl will not like it even tho ik thats not true cuz ppl ive shown the in progress draft like it :-S

me staying a year in a fandom and making no ocs sounds fake so i gave in this week and played w/ a dirkjake fankid. TERRY BOGARD kinnie; personally sees him as a butch lesbian icon; fast talker; MULLET MENACE; resident cow lovin' farmgirl; crushin it at thirteen! #homestuck

every day i am filled with regret that i deleted my deviantart from when i was 14

Dated language on trans issues, not that heavy but just in case 

Things i did today instead of writing the prose i promised i would; legitimate pepe silvia chart on the Blue Ladies Reading, which is what happens when you ask me to explain how one can make a singular motif thrown in for a gag actually matter a lot to a character's id. Jake caters to me bc i accumulate useless comic trivia and find shapeshifter figures fascinating so the fact hes rolling all over in them is Incredibly Overindulgent

this acct is literally just turning into failure to launch devlog

ANYWAYS: goal for tomorrow is to like finish the super rough draft instead of just going back and rewriting what ive already written. also get better at writing... everyone. especially dave and karkat

tbh my goal is to eventually host it all on my own website when i... get around... to building it

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hmmm talking to myself mostly but once im happy w the text im probably gna upload pages as theyre drawn to mspfa and then when its done to ao3? i guessss??? still gotta make the ao3 version look nicer

u can tell where i gave up fdlamsfasgdlksadgf

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dave is wearing this shirt from wlf. karkat is wearing his normal outfit with a sweater over it

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