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Driving the robot with a 4.1 and MDD3A motor drivers. Could have made a better video, but it's quite difficult to do it while driving the robot..

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With Inventor 2040W launched, here's all the robot products (excl. Trilobot) that I've worked on so far @pimoroni@twitter.com!

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I have a bunch of new followers so we made this video to explain a bit more about me and bring you all up to speed:

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Fellow roboticists,
looks like everyone is enjoying hot summer.
Today I finalized collaboration agreement with one of Europe’s biggest 3d print company. I’ll be provided free filaments.

Official name is Bot5 for (1)

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Robot base is almost ready, the base frame with aluminum extrusions is attached to hoverboard and two caster wheels mounted in the rear. Still need to fasten the box that will house the electronics on top. And then start wiring electronics hardware.

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ROS nodes running directly in the web browser! rosonweb.io/ @openroboticsorg@twitter.com @rosorg@twitter.com

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Finally, hoverboard all stripped and ready to go for the robot build. Aluminum profiles and cables ordered. ODrive arrived so planning to connect motors, RPi etc and give it first spin this weekend, exciting and scary at same time 🤞

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Thanks to a generous gift from the @SloanFoundation@twitter.com we have created the Open Hardware Trailblazers Fellowship. We will be directly funding eight researchers to explore how to expand the use of for scientific research. oshwa.org/2022/03/05/were-laun

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Founders building web3 solutions for problems that don’t exist

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Pro tip: Break out extra microcontroller pins on PCBs - you might need them down the road! Interfaced the AS5600 encoder w/ spare I2C pins on the board and am now getting a position resolution of 0.001 degrees at the output! 🤖⚙️⚡️

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Hi I’m Scott and these days I build Robots.

For the past year or so I’ve been working on Ro-Bud: an open-source, lovable, accessible, autonomous robot.

More info in thread:

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Contemplating a Rosmo version using @TLAlexander@twitter.com new RPI2040 driver board

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Tried micro-ROS examples with an Arduino Portenta and the Arduino Nano RP2040. Kinda blown away by how easy it was to set up and test.. I was expecting it to take an entire day, but it took less than 1 hour. 🤯

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Why heat pumps are essential for the future..


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16ch servo driver mini(仮)
@robotakao@twitter.com さん、@ketunorobio@twitter.com さん

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Nanosaur updated to v.2.0.0 💪

@raffaello86@twitter.com @NVIDIAEmbedded@twitter.com

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In our last community call we shared and discussed strategies for building community and doing comms in projects, in a smart way.

We recommended starting with the excellent Persona Creation Tool in @turingway@twitter.com (check out all of the book!): the-turing-way.netlify.app/pro

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This is actually the second article that has been written about my motor controller! It also got a write up on Tom’s Hardware that I need to share. But wow y’all really love my work!!! Thank you so much! twitter.com/hackaday/status/15

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