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We have been upgrading one of our Leo Rovers to their latest beta release using Ubuntu 22.04 and ROS2 Humble. The upgrade was a success and now we will not need a ROS1 Bridge anymore 😁🦾

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New Larson Scanner 2022
Smaller at 100x17mm with power switch, battery charger & protection, 20x bright RED LED operating on an ATtiny202 MCU
Powered from 5VDC or mUSB source
Best Fit with an AA/14500 Li-ion battery on a wired holder attached at the back of the pcb

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I got RoBud to follow me autonomously for the first time!

It’s using mobilenet v2 object detection with OpenCV on the Classic @[email protected] Jetson Nano 4GB dev kit.

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の実験。 3A+ でも新 を動かして見ました。反応は概ね想定通りかなぁと思います☺️。前回と比較して、水平のときに使った縦振、横振を追加しています。また から は概ね同じなのですが、ライブラリが違うので、少し悩みました🤔。

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Finished designing, building and assembling most components: Turns out my table can actually WALK as well as I hoped it would! Next steps: Implement remote control, connect a battery, and open up the throttle...

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Our guest this week is the amazing Alex Glow, host of Hackster Cafe and formidable creator! Come for the presentation about how to move toward more sustainable, greener, electrical engineering, and stay for Q&A with the audience during the live taping.

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I am continuing to make all materials for our "Introduction to Robotics" course @[email protected] openly available. New this Fall: video lectures!
All other materials (notes, slides, code, etc.) are available here:

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Spinning our robot drive motor with the new controller, running at 56 volts!

Video: an electric wheelbarrow motor spins on a test stand on my desk next to the motor controller with a glowing green light on it. Oscilloscope in the background. twitter.com/tlalexander/status

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Feeling like this screen is too big. Might try the 2.4" instead of 2.8"

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