@ruenoak @ChrisWere Okay I think audio play options in #Gemini browsers may be partially dependent on the browser. Indeed, I now have four Gemini browsers and my latest one, #amfora, is a gem of a browser. Just compiled it a few minutes ago and it's playing the audio files on my site once I set the mediatype-handlers and what application I wish to use to play or stream audio or video. Amfora also gives the option to open the file, download the file or cancel the operation. Now for a text based browser this is a well coded project. So my problem is partially solved, however, I'd like to learn all the tips and tricks of gemtext and any and all techniques will be appreciated.

@agentcasey @ChrisWere yes I use Kristall and audio plays but no sound, but I can right click and download it. The elpher browser for Emacs downloads the file when selected. from what I can see the ogg files are just linked using the => tag and it is up to the browser on how to handle it.

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