@ruenoak @chriswere@linuxrocks.onlineb yes, I think I'll consider the matter closed now. @ruenoak thanks for your insight, I had initially thought that perhaps I wasn't entering the the links correctly. Then once you mentioned that it could be browser related, I realized that, to come to a more concrete conclusion, I probably needed to use a variety of browsers to get a clear understanding. I haven't heard back from @chriswere as yet but you, @ruenoak were a fountain of help. I think I'll install #Kristall later to see what it looks like. Thanks again, keep in touch. #Gemini #Gemtext

@agentcasey Not a problem, glad to help. is nice browser I learnt about it from @ChrisWere It has some nice customisations and it is qt based and I use KDE so I thought well, they kind of fit together. Great Gem capsule by the way, I have added it to my favorites.I'll add it to my site links too. Just in the process of migrating my server over to UpCloud, so haven't updated my Gem capsule for a while.

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@ruenoak @ChrisWere #amfora is a very extraordinary #gemini browser. It's exquisite it's console based but so much more.
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