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Rolling out as we speak: #Kubuntu 21.04, codenamed Hirsute Hippo! Based on #Ubuntu but featuring #KDE Plasma 5.21 as the default desktop alongside many other updates at all levels of the wonderful stack that makes up our cool blue flavor.



Enjoy: 😀

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@gritnot Yes bit rot is a really problem with storage media, I deal with this in my work. But unreadable formats are becoming an alarming issue as times goes on. You only have to go back to the 90's or even less to run into these issues. We are in the informational age and creating it faster than ever, and so much of it is bound in Proprietary formats and containers we may never be able recover this information in the future.

Is plain text the best way to preserve digital information for future research?

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Holy crap, I just installed the #kde plasma desktop on Pop! OS and the font rendering is soooo much better. I really tried to like gnome, but plasma is much sleeker.

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Would requiring “Real names” or “Real ID’s” make the Internet a safer place? “The short answer is no,” says @evacide on the @Malwarebytes podcast. The long answer: "Hell no."

ruenoak boosted -collective This site has been around for years. It went down for while but now it is back. full of minimal experimental tunes for your enjoyment. and as a bonus they support

Minimalism in software design - conference.
This is one of my favorite talks on Minimalism in software.

Well I finally migrated my web server and server from Digital Ocean to and after some issues with certs, glad to say all up and running! Now I have know excuse to not to update the content ;)

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av-98, a simple python based browser running in Why bother? Because I can. av-98 is simple but extendible, once you get the hang of the shortcuts it's very fast.

@agentcasey Not a problem, glad to help. is nice browser I learnt about it from @ChrisWere It has some nice customisations and it is qt based and I use KDE so I thought well, they kind of fit together. Great Gem capsule by the way, I have added it to my favorites.I'll add it to my site links too. Just in the process of migrating my server over to UpCloud, so haven't updated my Gem capsule for a while.

@agentcasey @ChrisWere yes I use Kristall and audio plays but no sound, but I can right click and download it. The elpher browser for Emacs downloads the file when selected. from what I can see the ogg files are just linked using the => tag and it is up to the browser on how to handle it.

@agentcasey @ChrisWere Interesting, it seems to be browser specific on how it handles the media files

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@chriswere I was listening to Trendy Talk while browsing gemini://, using Lagrange. Can you please show me the way you coded those audio entries? I actually listened to all of the podcasts while browsing using the #Lagrange #Gemini browser. Did you have to add any special entries to the .meta file? That's not the only thing I'm curious about either I also need any insights you may have, using gemtext, to write .gmi files. Thanks
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