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This blog "Decipher the Demonetisation" was well received by you all around 1.8 lakh views.

Though I don't know anything about economists, my experience in resources management helped me to make prognosis which proved to be correct now!

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But I always knew what Modi was like. I was part of the Times of India Ahmedabad team that covered the 2002 riots. Every awful story you have heard is true. It was planned, it was vicious, it was controlled by the government. The police stood by. The rioters had lists of who to attack from sales tax and excise departments. Those camps are etched in my memory even though sometimes I want to forget them.

so mohan bhagwat will 'address the nation' after verdict. they have already properly 'addressed' the nation in 1991.

what is stopping indians from coming on the streets and protesting the worst man made disaster this country has ever seen? how can a society allow its freedom to be curtailed with so much glee?

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Panna Pramukhs taken dictation from then Finance Minister and told us about the unbelievable grogrowth of income tax payers and income tax!

I then shown you that those are nothing but cherry picking of data, lies and propaganda!

Now they are plundering RBI, you know it

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My grandmother had taken ill over the weekend. The hospital, blood bank would accept only cash. From standing in serpentine queues to arranging cash. It was her time, she passed away but I'll never forget.

As I will never forget the horror of watching Gujarat 2002. Back then too, facile tropes like 'Normalcy' & 'Minor Law & order' issues were thrown our way.

Then the deceit and diabolical indifference in the manner 370 was abrogated and celebrated. The symbolism of those butterflies.

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Today is the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in modern history.

Destroyed the lives of tens (maybe hundreds) of millions in one stroke. Outright killed scores.

#demonetization #ModiHaitoMumkinHai

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Tomorrow is 8th November 2019.

Exactly, 3 years back, on 8th November 2016, India's Prime Minister Mr. Modi shot the economy in the foot by announcing #DeMoScam.

Hope, folks here would pay appropriate rebuke to the ghastly and cruel decision which caused nearly 170+ deaths and millions were left jobless.

Ofcourse, we need to vent it out on the #BirdSite too.

But slowly we move away from that #BirdShit which props up neo-fascists.

Let the #Toots come thick & fast tomorrow.


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