Coworker tested positive for Covid, so now I have to get tested today and can’t return to work until I get my negative result back. Not looking forward to the pile of stuff waiting for my return to work.

On my 6th day of work teaching after 4 hours of teaching classes and one more class to go before my one day off from work before doing it again next week. I'm exhausted and just trying to hang in there until my next class is done and I can go home and rest.

Love, Death & Robots volume 3 was great. I love all 3 volumes. Highly recommend it.

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I made this digital painting this morning as a warm up.

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Who'd like to try some creative #photography? No fancy gear needed - just grab your phone! :D

Here are some easy at-home setups you can try:

1) Cutlery arrangements - top-down shots or held up against flat backgrounds to make strong shadows. Try other things too, like pencils.

2) Natural arrangements of leaves, flowers, etc. on flat backgrounds

3) Paint and ink blotches. Mix colours, make a mess, photograph it!

4) What fun textures can you find at home?

Try Snapseed for processing!

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

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Genießt euren wunderbaren Caturday! Mich macht es total glücklich den ganzen Tag durch süße Katzenbilder zu scrollen.
- - -
Enjoy your happy #caturday everyone! It makes me super happy to scroll through cute cat pictures all day.

#MastoArt #mastocats #acrylic

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