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달력 볼때마다 생각하는 거지만

개인적으로는 달력이 이랬으면 좋겠다. 같은 날이 항상 같은 요일이라니 너무 아름다움.

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do not play the #FFXIV 6.0 MSQ!

it will uninstall your local 5G Coronavirus towers and you will lose access to Microsoft office 365!!

Toi Toi Pictures proudly presents “/emote” a short film about a player who doesn’t chat in an online MMORPG. in celebration of the 8th anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV. We hope you enjoy it!

Music arrangements & Ending theme by

About half the story is a true story.

FFXIV 8周年を記念して短編映画を作りました!

" /emote "



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Nintendo Direct 

That moment when you're watching the Nintendo Direct and Shigero Miyamoto personally shows up to introduce cast members of the Mario movie and this happens.

Just finished a 10 hour work day today and I’m working extra because I’m covering all the teachers who are out sick right now. Some who have COVID. It’s going to be a rough few weeks before I might get some relief from all the extra workload I am covering until my coworkers can return to work.

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