I hate it when I find some cool piece of software, but it runs only if you have an Nvidia GPU.
MeshRoom and pretty much any FOSS photogrammetry tool works only on Nvidia GPUs.
Blender's new Cycles-X branch also only works on Nvidia GPUs.
And the stable version works much better on Nvidia GPUs as well.
I wonder if this is AMD's fault, or some very clever way Nvidia monopolized the general-purpose computing on GPUs...
#Nvidia #AMD #CUDA #OpenCL


@unfa I switched to an AMD card recently and now Blender won't do GPU rendering. Are Nvidia MASSIVE sponsors of Blender? ;-)

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@satscape Well, I managed to get it running, but it's not as fast as CUDA, which is a shame. I hope AMD and Blender can turn this around.

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