Made an infinite loop in Blender 3.1 - Geometric nodes are awesome!
(slight glitch: didn't obscure the smallest time!)

Made a fake...errm, I mean totally real UFO video, even has a cliche thumbnail.
Linux, Blender, GIMP and Shotcut. All Libre software!

@unfa "American mass-shooting simulator"? I think that's been done already in real-life.

I'm currently playing a Windows only game on Linux using a Playstation controller...Windows doesn't like the PS controller unless you fool into thinking its an X-Box controller. M$ suck balls.

First review(comment) of my latest music composition: "Damn, fucking good!"
Yay! I can still write music, there's two of us now who like it 🙂
So... if you like Electronica with nice melodies composed and performed by an old person who remembers (mostly) the 1980s, have a listen...
Thanks to Mr Unfa (@unfa) for his excellent tutorial videos. His musical style is quite different from mine, but he teaches Ardour so well, you can adapt it to any style.

In the UK tonight, we are celebrating our commitment of reducing carbon emissions by letting off tons of carbon-based fireworks. 😄

I make stuff (computer software and music) for me. If anyone else likes this shit, that's a bonus. Don't take life too seriously and don't eat yellow snow. Oh yeah, the reason I came here, I made a little tune recently using the lovely Ardour, running on the the lovely Linux (Manjaro). I like what I've created, but other humans may not like it. I like that we can share our shit regardless.

Spiritual rant in D minor: Each of us are infinite beings who temporary incarnate. This time we've chosen these meat-suites, earth, early 21st century. I've got my popcorn and I'm enjoying the show so far. I hope it has a happy ending. Spoiler alert: this is the bit where we MIGHT make first contact with aliens. Maybe the Yahyel, Pleaidians, Arcturians, or maybe the Little Zeta dudes (don't call them greys, that's racist! But technically they are human.. sort of)
Have a lovely day.

Fully working a short walk from my house. Not windy enough today for the sails to be turning.

I made a video showcasting what I've got so far in my imaginatively titled "Scott's Space Game". Made using the lovely engine (free) on Linux (free) using other free tools like

When our alien friends arrive officially. I'd like to recommend "Cheese on toast" as being one of the best Earth delicacies.

No longer using Linux 100%, need to dual boot with Windows. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Not with Windows it doesn't. It's actually got worse over the years I've not been using it, it's horrid, awful. It's like an advert-tracking system with a side-order of operating system. You can make it slightly better by opening a power-shell and pasting this:
iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, but it worked great on mine.

One of my favourite bits of @ubuntu need to take note! Flatpak and snaps are like if Windows did away with DLL files and instead had massive bloated EXEs

You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago. ~ Alan Watts

Just in case anyone is reading this and has an open mind and looking for a little bit of hope.

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