Excellent! Even if your state shows Biden ahead, your vote is needed. Not only for president but in the down-ballot races as well! #FlipTheSenate #HoldTheHouse


It is very inspiring to see that voter suppression tactics and concern trolls are not winning out and that real people who care about what happens are showing up to take action.
Vote so we all have the ability to do what comes next.


I shouldn't read things like this on a good day—but the problem is that every day since Trump was elected turns into a bad day.

Vote blue up and down the ballot. Vote blue like your life depends on it. Vote blue like other people's lives depend on it.

Filling in little ovals never felt so good. My one nail with millions of others nails being driven into the Republican Party's coffin. 

Opinion | Postpone the election? Voter intimidation? Amy Coney Barrett is open to it:

🚨 #Virginia #VApol #VoterRegistration

A judge has granted a request to extend your voter registration deadline to 11:59PM on Thursday, Oct. 15., due to a sabotage to the system on Tuesday.

You can register online until 11:59PM or in person during office hours.

Go here: elections.virginia.gov/registr

Register now if you didn't. If your vote wasn't important, nobody would be trying to take it away. #Elections2020 #ElectionsMatter :registertovote:

He has only one song in his jukebox -- mockery and negative messaging.

He is fundamentally incapable of positive messaging. I don't believe he's had a single positive message to convey to anyone in his life.  Bullying and mocking is all he's got.

I voted for a better person. #BidenHarris2020

She means she regrets saying it out loud.


Barrett says she didn't mean to offend LGBTQ community with term 'sexual preference' thehill.com/homenews/senate/52

The Confederacy must be relegated to history, not forgotten but never honored. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools voted 8-0 to change the name of Zebulon B. Vance High School to Julius L. Chambers, and it's about time. No Confederate is worthy of having a school or even a park bench named after them. Chambers, on the other hand, laid the groundwork for the desegregation of CMS in the '70s (before my time, but my brothers were there).


Does your local police department have a partnership with Amazon Ring? You can find out here: atlasofsurveillance.org/

NBC is rewarding a petulant child who wouldn't follow the rules set by the Debate Commission.
In a shameless grab for ratings, they've given Trump a Townhall airing at the same time as Joe Biden's ABC Townhall.

I know who I'll be watching Thursday night.

NBC faces backlash over scheduling its Trump town hall against ABC’s Biden event

Voters in #AlleghenyCounty #Pennsylvania

Nearly 29,000 voters who requested a mail ballot were sent ballots with a mistake in the ward/district number. If you have your ballot and haven't returned it, check it.

The incorrect ballots were all mailed on September 28th. You can visit the state's ballot tracker and check when yours was mailed: pavoterservices.pa.gov/pages/b 1/4

Officials: Nearly 29,000 Allegheny County voters received incorrect ballots, new ones being mailed:

@AgentCarter_SSR NBC, the network who brought us The Apprentice?

I'll be watching former Democratic Congressional and White House staffer George Stephanopolous with our Democratic Presidential nominee, thanks. #VoteBlue :voteblue2: #VoteBiden :bh2020: #VoteThemOut :vote:

Is everyone getting this now? I hope so. Time's ticking.
#Vote #BidenHarris2020
Scientific journal 'Nature' endorses Biden

The scientific journal Nature has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president, citing what it calls President Trump’s attacks on “so many valuable institutions,” including the press, the courts and science agencies.


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