Check out the first installment of a brief, biased history of architecture by Google’s Cliff Young.

Come on in to ISCA’s snazzy online venue at! Then check out these tips for navigating the virtual space.

Join @ISCAConfOrg 2021 online any time ahead of the conference, starting today.

ISCA 2021 will pre-open today for attendees to read papers, watch videos, and enter questions for authors to address during their live presentations next week. Stay tuned!

Prof. Mingyu Gao outlines recent successes and remaining challenges in hardware acceleration of cryptography.

Secure computing, from homomorphic encryption to zero-knowledge proofs, deserve attention from architects.

Prof. @nenrightjerger traces 20 years of NoC research, from early prototypes to wafer-scale and 3D networks.

Networks-on-chip are now everywhere—but research only ignited with a foundational paper by Dally & Towles in 2001.

AMD demonstrated a Ryzen 5000 processor with a die-stacked SRAM cache connected with through-silicon vias.

Server-class ARM outfit @AmpereComputing will ship its own custom CPU architecture next year.

Consider co-locating a workshop or tutorial with @MicroArchConf 2021! The application deadline is June 10.

Part 1 of Prof. @pstanleymarbell’s series on computational uncertainty studies the popular Black-Scholes benchmark.

How does uncertainty propagate in computer systems? Should uncertainty manifest in ISAs? We’re not certain.

Prof. @refezs describes the landscape of attacks on and defenses for public, cloud-accessible FPGAs.

Computing Frontiers is a very broad conference, and it’s coming right up on May 11–13.

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