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Optical hardware building blocks now exist for matrix multiplication and more. Where does the technology go next?

Apply now to attend uArch! It’s an opportunity for undergrads to learn about architecture research at ISCA.

SEED is a conference all about hardware enclaves, roots of trust, secure execution environments, and what have you.

Read a new draft document that sets out guidelines for architecture reviewing—and send your feedback in a survey.

SIGARCH & TCCA have a new working group to define best practices for fair, trustworthy conference reviewing.

A new statement from SIGARCH and 15 other ACM SIGs on Jeffrey Ullman, award processes, and diversity & inclusion.

Prof. @aledaglis recaps the second virtualized ASPLOS, including highlights from panels and two interviews.

Did you miss @ASPLOSConf 2021 last week? Check out our summary, from the keynotes to the innovative virtual social events.

An organization called BenchCouncil hosts a benchmarking conference, for which papers are due May 15.

NAS is an IEEE conference about systems topics, and it wants your submissions by May 9.

Registration for FCCM, one of the big FPGA conferences, is open now. Early rates end April 26.

Correction: this blog post is by Prof. Ashish Venkat of UVA! We misread the byline originally.
RT @sigarch
Prof. @chris_deli reports from @HpcaArchConf! Check out the keynotes, best papers, awards, and more.

Prof. @chris_deli reports from @HpcaArchConf! Check out the keynotes, best papers, awards, and more.

Highlights at the virtualized @HpcaArchConf 2021 included a multi-conference panel on diversity and inclusion.

ICCD 2021, the computer design conference, seeks paper submissions by June 4. It will be virtual this year.

Shaizeen Aga & Nuwan Jayasena of AMD dive deep into high-bandwidth memory (HBM) and hybrid memory cube (HMC).

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