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3D-stacked memory is here. But what’s the difference between HBM and HMC, and what does it mean for architects?

Get those submissions ready for @MicroArchConf 2021! Papers are due in less than two weeks, on April 16.

Prof. @nathanbeckmann makes the case for research that makes memory systems as programmable as processors.

Modern memory hierarchies are complex, multi-layered beasts. So why do we still treat them as flat RAMs?

Registration for @ASPLOSConf is now open! Check out the keynotes by @clattner_llvm, @nuriaoliver, and Dongmei Zhang.

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@MicroArchConf MICRO-54 will offer for first time the option of research Artifacts Evaluation to authors of accepted papers. Details and timeline in:

Ever wanted to apply machine learning to do better prefetching? This @ISCAConfOrg-hosted competition is for you!

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Did not know there is a Computer Architecture podcast —very interesting! 🙌 Here is the link on @ApplePodcasts:

The @TinymlF summit is coming right up on March 15. You can register now to attend online.

Submit to @MicroArchConf 2021! The deadline is in a bit over a month, on April 16.

NPC is a parallel computing conference in its 18th year. Papers are due July 11.

A team from MLCommons issues a call to action around democratizing data engineering.

The era of pervasive machine learning systems needs open data sets. What tools do we need to curate them?

ISPASS, the performance analysis conference, is coming up later this month. Registration is open now.

Nominations are now open for the Eckert–Mauchly Award, the highest honor in computer architecture.

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