@Are0h yikes yikes yikes i should probably move instances im just here for the domain name

@Are0h Is there a way the fediverse could deal with that as a whole aside from changes of individual instances' policies?

@Are0h I agree with this wholeheartedly, and a large part of that is because when people getting banned from centralized services, they tend to move to the fediverse, and we get stuck with them. The one thing I will say is that at least this is a community issue and not a management issue as we see with platforms like TikTok censoring black/brown voices.

Hey y'all! My name is Megan and I'm a looking to see what this site is all about, ready to ditch twitter at the drop of a hat.


trans arab woman here!

you can tell our stories, the issue isn't that white cishet men tell stories about us, it's that those stories tend to be the only ones promoted. as long as you're making sure to inform yourself and have a sensitivity reader should you choose to publish, you're all good

spicy masto take 

@haskal im a bit of a newbie what the dealio with doing that?

@ghost_bird oooh okay. So what do the instances do then? Like is an instance comparable to a subreddit? Or is it more just the site from which I am posting, and the site I choose may ban communications from other sites?

@ghost_bird thanks! I'm currently more just trying to figure out this whole instance thing. Should I be making a separate account for each instance?


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