I was thinking on how to respond to another toot tonight, and it caused me to think about Linux as a competitive desktop option.

And I think that it will never make it to desktop stardom because of business. FOSS developers spend so much time reinventing the wheel because wheel XYZ doesn't it do it for them, but no time on the tools that regular users need. For example: There are so many window managers that there's a top 20 list (ubuntupit.com/best-linux-windo). Yet there is no decent PDF editor.

@TrechNex @redeagle Out of that list: 5 programs are "just" for shuffling, extracting or joining pdfs, 2 are non-FOSS, 1 is a Desktop-publishing Program (!), 1 is a viewer with basic annotation support but neither real handwriting annotations or digital signatures, and one is a "drawing" application that is able to import/export PDFs. Not exactly replacements for Adobe Reader & co, to be honest.

@TrechNex @redeagle Okular looks quite decent actually, I have weirdly enough never really closely looked at it.

@spaetz @redeagle that's fair. My experience has been that we have the functionality, but you have to do a bit of a scavenger hunt to figure out which tools perform the actions you need.

I think there would be value in someone putting together a "one stop shop" that pulls things together. I am given to wonder if the reason why you can only buy proprietary solutions is because there is some kind of licensing or software patent issue.

@TrechNex @spaetz I was mostly just using PDF as an example of business software. The format itself is an ISO standard and anyone that cares to read the spec can develop software for it.

I don't doubt that the specs are very complicated.


@redeagle @TrechNex I understand that is was "just" an example. It just triggered an ugly itch that I need scratched as a user, confirming your theory. :-)

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