📢 📢 📢 Today we publish an Open Letter from developers to the #Linux #community regarding shipping unfinished patches to users.

Shipping unfinished patches harms the user experience and slows down the review process in #FOSS projects to improve the patches.

You can read our Open Letter at: do-not-ship.it

If you agree with this letter, you can support it by signing it, see: do-not-ship.it/sign

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@dylanvanassche I have signed this letter too. Shipping unfinished work gives upstream a bad reputation, makes support a big hassle and disincentivizes developers to work in public.


@spaetz Exactly! It is discouraging that your patches are shipped before you have the chance to polish them. It looks bad for you as a developer and discourages yourself to work in the open. All these things are just the opposite of what #FOSS stands for me IMHO.

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