all my mastodon posts where being reposted on my telegram channel but I decided to stop from now on because there is no way to filter conversations happening here from clogging the channel.

This is what i'm using as a micro blog for now. Mastodon is fun but not really anti-fragility.

Ya tengo un buen flujo de publicación donde los posts de mi blog, de mi pixelfed y de mastodon se re distribuyen en twitter y telegram. Todo menos telegram puede ser accesado por medio de un feed rss o atom, incluyendo PixelFed.

Mastodon is a bit closed to posting from other places and apps for now and it makes it difficult to automate posting on your own site and then syndicating to social silos. You can take data from Mastodon and use it in other places but Mastodon doesn't want to ingest for now.

Si no fuera desarrollador, no podría poner ésto en twitter. Estás seguro de que quieres seguir obteniendo tu manipulacion de twitter?

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