@jackbaty I didn't know that. Sounds great! I will promote the use of out-liners with anyone who may benefit from it. Current popular writing software is mostly underwhelming and uninspiring. It's been so easy to just typing my thoughts and technical notes and structuring them afterwards just by re-ordering the elements. Love em.

@jackbaty outliners have been a recent discovery for me and they are amazing to use. Drummer has interesting features like Twitter integration but Logseq has worked wonders for me and it's under fast development. You should check it out in case that drummer is still too blunt.

@wclayf what is the optimal expectation for linking your Twitter account to your fediverse identity?

@wclayf @adam what if I already have a static micro blog that I use as twitter, could I link or transfer my posts easily?

@wclayf @adam is there a way that you could manage or filter content in channels by language or location?

@wclayf @adam another question for the faq. How will the topic's "channel" be created? I really like what you started here, keep it going.

@wclayf @adam what would be the cost of this approach as a user? How would this be maintainable? Like in the case of mastodon it has been hard to deploy because of the hosting costs of an instance. Cheap for developed, a month's worth of food for a developing country. It does seem nicer than the current fediverse approach.

@jackbaty unlike other appliances headphones weren't broken for the most part. They were in a good state before the forced change to wireless for the sake of selling us one more product. I prefer wired headphones in 99% of the time because they are more resilient and sound so much better. The headphone jack removal from phones was an anticonsumer move.

@sakkara @thumb I recommend Pop! Because it just works and their app switcher is amazing. If you wanna try a distro I would say you can't go wrong with Pop!

@jackbaty I felt that blog post. It's too common for me to push a commit only to realize that something is wrong or not working (mostly twitter cards or typos) but I fell I to Hugo because how cheap it is to have it. How much more do you have to pay for hosting a Ghost site? I'm so poor I don't know how I am going to renovate my domain. But as it is cheap it seems sustainable, antifragile (since I can migrate and host it in many places other than netlify) and energy efficient cuz no server.

@jackbaty I admire the volume of content creation that you do. Keep it on.

@jackbaty this makes updating Hugo blogs on the go more viable. I saw that you abandoned it for wordpress, but your blog is very beautiful now.

@jackbaty I installed Pop!_OS some months ago on my old 2011 Macbook Pro and it's been working great! I love it more than OS X by now. If it wasn't for my audio production plugins, the DAW, and some games I would have changed to Linux full on but for now it's been the best choice for a secondary device. Thanks for your answer because it made me try it out.

@jackbaty I LOVE Syncthing. I needed a way to easily share and sync files between a desktop, a Macbook and an android phone. I have it installed in the root directory so I always have a full phone backup in the pc including images. As you said everything is almost invisible and frictionless. For that need I never found a better system.

@bino marketing is mostly about making the most flamboyant claims of an ordinary thing without actually lying.

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