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Sparkwood and 21 is developing an operation system for a space station.

It is going to take them a long, long time because they are using it as an excuse to learn C / C++ and Ruby.

They do not know how to code.

Well the news is terrible again today. Take time out to give yourself some mental headspace. You’ll be okay. X

I am leaving the county and visiting the Big Smoke today to go see the band Fu Manchu. With a bunch of people I have all been in bands with.

So that should be fun.

Those that do no know Stuart Lee are missing a treat.

frankly freaking out a little bit about this story this story that claims to have found living samples of Silphium, the miracle plant of classical antiquity which was last recorded TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO

(natgeo, paywalled, sorry, turn off javascript to read unbothered)

I need to find out more about MAN pages. How do I do that? Any recommendations?

The reality of our time is that we're drawing more each year than the planet can replenish. While earnest, any optomisations in extractivism and food system technology - 'sustainability' - are proving, & will continue to prove, insufficient to offset this gap. It''s 3 steps forward, 1 back, toward a very hard place. Only reductions in consumption can close the gap. Nothing else. Without degrowth, it is never going to work, nor end well. That time is soon. Have an awesome day anyway, I mean it

Every online platform ever:

“Here’s a thing we think you might like” = “here’s things we’re advertising at you because this is the new thing we need to get our money back from”

It’s so very obvious. Please stop.

KATE IDE / text editor looks good on a mac. I know it's free, it does C stuff and is cross platform. This is good.

The Conservative Party comes across corrupt as fuck and there's practically nothing anybody can do to change my mind about them.

I will never, never, never vote for them or support them in any capacity. I will fight their ideology until my last dying breath.

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"Nor, it seems, is there anything to stop one person (or one botswarm) applying for multiple memberships. So much for the party of patriotism, sovereignty and national security."

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"The Conservative party’s rules of association are an open invitation to anyone who wants to mess with our politics. There seems to be nothing to stop agents of another government from registering as members with Conservatives Abroad."

I'm assuming it's still possible to type code into a text editor, then run it and it does a thing. like even a relatively complex thing. Without all this extra nonsense?

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Morning! Saw this and thought it might be up your street too!

Terra Invicta

Unlocking on Steam in 3 days. There's a free demo already there.

When I look into different programming languages, I am permanently surprised about the amount of extra 'guff' there seems to be: YAML, NPM, gems, JSON, pip package management tools, crates etc etc etc

Just so much extra things--I'm sure they help otherwise why would they exist--but there seems to be SO MUCH EXTRA knocking around that it just appears that half a developers job seems to be fixing, installing, updating, and making sure that all the guff works as well!

please explain?

RT @PavolRusnak
I was always wondering what's the difference between Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Now I know: Google knows about every f*cking payment you make, while Apple doesn't.

More about Apple Pay:

Just got back from The Cloud. DO NOT leave your data up there.

I seem to have bought a BBC microcomputer. I missed out when they originally launched because I left school at 16 to start an Electronic Engineering apprenticeship and the Beeb hadn't arrived in the classrooms.

Our school computer room comprised a CBM3016, UK101 (built and owned by a physics teacher), and some Acorn System Ones.

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