Welcome to the beginnings of my

Been working on this for a little while. There's loads more things to do.

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@sprkwd Looks great and was just about to boost it but why the cookie notice? (And I have no way of seeing what cookies are set, why, or refuse non-essential cookies which makes it non-GDPR compliant.) Given the nature of the site, not sure why there are even trackers? Is this a feature of whatever platform you’re using? :)

@sprkwd Also, heads up, just ran across these errors following a couple of refreshes.

@aral oh weird. I think I'd better switch off my PWA. It's likely to be that.


@aral It comes with the theme (Avada / WordPress) I have no ideas what cookies are being set either. I think they're for if you want to login...?

The only tracking I have is anon plugin that remains on site and doesn't go anywhere to anybody.

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