Now that I have had a good. talking to myself I'm beginning the everlasting overhaul of my website.

As in what I do when I procrastinate...


Its interesting... my website is my home on the internet. I own it. and it is a representation of me.

I should start treating it like that. It is supposed to be my log cabin, my little piece of the world where I can grow and exist and be.

At the moment I'm treating it like a bedsit belonging to somebody I distrust.

I'll be trying to make amends to this over the next few weeks and try and make it a place where I love to visit and where it has tools and information that I find useful.

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@sprkwd that is a fine and appropriate way to approach your online presence.

I wrote something along similar lines the other day. Guess you did it more succinctly 😄

@humanetech yours is waaaay more interesting though. 🙌🏼

This bit: "The internet has become inseparably entwined in daily life and a part of what constitutes you as a person walks this digital space. "

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