Lately I’ve been thinking about making music videos. Simply live recording of myself twisting knobs with a focus on the machines. Not sure of the setup, the aesthetics or the format. Maybe it would lead to streaming once I’m comfortable.

But what I know is I don’t want to use YouTube, Twitch and the like, and I want my videos to be lightweight and low-res. I’m thinking I could go for a personal Peertube instance or something similar, but maybe that would be overkill. Suggestions welcome :)


@ice could you just upload them straight onto here? So you have a website to upload and link to?

@sprkwd I could, but this would likely be a different moniker/project, and possibly involve someone else, so I’d prefer to host them on an independent space. I guess I could hand-code a player and use a subdomain on my website though. I’m not sure I need any big video platforms feature (except for exposure/discovery, but that’s another problem.)

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