@neauoire looks fab. Is that a list of what you’ve been working on and for how long in the background?

It would be funny if teeth were a separate organism we had a symbiotic relationship with

I reject the capitalist notion that the quality of my creative output is related to its competitiveness or performance in a market.

@nessotropheion I use Wordpress and woocommerce because it’s free, there’s great resources for help, a sustainable community abs I don’t need to code to do anything.

Fork Awesome is a Libre font project which has hundreds of useful icons that anyone can use. You can follow at:

➡️ @forkawesome

The project's website is at forkaweso.me

(As its name suggests, it's a fork of the original Font Awesome project. Unlike Font Awesome, Fork Awesome does not require javascript.)

#ForkAwesome #FontAwesome #Font #Fonts #CSS #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #WebDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment #Productivity #SelfHosting #Dev

@alienghic that--pardon my French--fucking sucks.

Climate change is waaaay more important that some very very very rich idiot. Fucker.

@alienghic Good call. I only found out about it today.

We need to tax the rich more. So he can help pay for vaccines.

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Once Leonard Cohen read a whole poem on the radio.
The interviewer asked him “What does the poem mean?”
Cohen paused for a long moment - and then read the entire poem again.

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This week the government
▪️Removed Covid restrictions despite highest daily cases in world
▪️Drew up plans to jail journalists
▪️Voted to criminalise rescuing refugees
▪️Said you don’t have to isolate then you do
▪️Lied re consulting police on protest bill
And it’s only Wednesday

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My Dad got to watch Armstrong walk on the moon.

I get to watch the guy who killed bookstores ride a dick into space.

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I remember the shock of learning that he collected Black Orchid and Sandman. He was so much more than the public persona. twitter.com/MrKenShabby/status

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I've been hinting for, well, over a year now, that there are two big TV shows I'm making. Last month, we announced Good Omens 2.

Here's a clue to what the other one might be...

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"A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy", Nelson Mandela.

The Tories' 'reforms' of the Official Secrets Act make journalism a crime.

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