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My stats* have gone weird, like 200 / day drop-off. Can you go take a look and see if the Studio page all looks okay?

Please and thank you.

* self-hosted, private, not google

Today: working out projects / writing notes. from a horizontal position. intersected with the sleep of dead.

one of my long standing game ideas is basically like, an impressionist painter MMO, where you show up in some picturesque town and everyone is running around buying art supplies and finding vantage points to do plein air paintings from. And you can only afford the worst art supplies but you can sell your paintings to NPCs or other players and buy better paint colors and supplies

Who are the or folks that you follow? I’d like to follow them too!

Especially if they do . Thanks.

Would be interesting to know if decentralized social platforms like the #fediverse are closer to #sustainability than centralized platforms with their monstrous datacenters.

The footprint of those is surely going to become an issue going forward, that's explains marquee pre-emptive actions to link them to renewables.

The question is whether intrinsically (and ceteris paribus) #decentralization consumes less (because traffic remains more localized)

elementary Developer Weekend is June 26–27! To celebrate we have some one-time perks on GitHub for an elementary store coupon code or to be listed as a sponsor of edw. Check them out as they're only available until June 25!

Beerware license is a license where you offer a beer to author if you enjoy their software


A license where you offer a food box to author because you like their software is a Tupperware license?

@alcinnz Just use this one weird trick that designers hate, to make email render in the same way on all platforms ...


I have issues with mental illness. Tonight is therapy thankfully.

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When the world paused we had an opportunity to change how we were, how society worked, howe things could be better or different.

Except we didn't. We fucked it. And now everything will got back to normal. Which is a horrible horrible place that I want no part of.

There was hope. Now there isn't.

Now.... can I export world folders on the Java edition so other people can load them in?

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We're told that your last opportunity to opt out of the surveillance network known as Amazon Sidewalk is on June 8th. For best results, we recommend the tried and true method of smashing any Alexa or Echo devices you have with a hammer.

@blendernation blender has changed so much in the last few iterations that I’m going to have to relearn parts of it again.

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