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"I got into Starfleet to study moss."
"I joined up 'cause I love beaming."
"Thanks, Boimler. If we're going out, at least it's remembering that Starfleet isn't just about kicking enemy ass."

"Hey, I wish I could be on a ship that's exploring and solving science mysteries instead of nonstop fighting."
"Like on the D?"
"Damn, do I miss that ship."
"Enjoy it while you have it, Bradward."

Viewers, when the Fourth wall fell.


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Money quotes from #StarTrek #LowerDecks S02E02:

"I'm sorry, I gotta be honest. I didn't join Starfleet to get in phaser fights.

I signed up to explore, to be out in space making new discoveries and peaceful diplomatic solutions. That's boldly going.

And you know what? I'd love to be in a string quartet. I love that when Riker was on the Enterprise, he was out there jammin' on the trombone (...)

That stuff may not seem as cool as what you guys do, but it's Starfleet all the way."


I'm wondering if anyone at @ubuntustudio is examining the prospect of rebasing the outstandingly comprehensive UbuntuStudio on top of Debian 11 rather than Ubuntu LTSs?

Vfx commission 

Hi! I'd like to hire someone to do some blender work, specifically of ships flying in space, around planets and stuff.

That's it. Two original-ish ships, rendered in a dozen or so shots each.

I dunno how much this kind of thing costs, but I'm sure I can pay a reasonable rate.

if you're a fan of what I do I hope you will join me and tune in to this stream where my first Atari 26OO (and only second) game will be shown in hour or so from now <3


What a weird spam. I’ve been drafted to become the spokesperson of a Japanese pharmaceutical company?

Tired: Blog software that generates RSS feeds from your Web pages.
Wired: Manually writing an RSS-only blog.

Am watching the Paralympics. Amazingly inspirational.

I'm still looking for a #coop in Europe to join as a software developer.
Can anyone recommend one, or know of a co-op directory of sorts? Or maybe you're setting up a co-op and like an extra pair of hands to make it happen?

Boosts welcome!

Released what I hope to be the final build of Soul of the Beast now.

I am incredibly proud of it and how much I continued to squeeze into 4K, even some features I wasn't originally planning to add. I hope it's good enough. Hoping to go for physical cart release now.

Various Artists by Various Artists is the name of my new band.

Today I'm relocating to #LosAngeles and looking for long-term housing.

I have zero friends in LA. Any fedinauts living around here?

I'm sorry. I'm going to fall down the C/C++ vim route. Because reasons.

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