@mdszy probably because you can't change it afterwards, looks like it was a programmer with motivation like me.

@chuculate @Ste1lar Oh okay I'll start using searx.me and yacy again then.

@Ste1lar Why doesn't chrome just ship without google trackers and ddg as default search engine? Then you won't have to change it.

@Ste1lar Why is the default search engine google and not duckduckgo?

stellar learning to install wordpress + mysql 

@pie omg what font do you use in ur terminal? I _need_ that.

our teached is showing his screen on the projector, showing ext4 permissions and chmod,
suddenly, a wall message appears on his terminal
teacher: wait what

he tries to su - but the password has been changed

his machine reboots. he is scanning the room to see who's the little fucker who took control of his machine,
then he sees me in the front row and goes: ok, stellar, i'm done playing. what's the password?



Okayokay last move guys, finally found my home πŸŽ‰


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