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really wasn't expecting the answer to this to be "tempt fate" but i'll take it

Just to be clear, "threaten others" is primarily referring to white imperialism.

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Except for those humans that threaten the lives of others, of which there is nothing but burning hate

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Thinking about the infinite love I have for every human being alive and how this apparently isn’t commonplace

On another Bionicle note I still cannot get over the fact that the theme ended and then Velika was revealed as the evil mastermind responsible for literally everything that had ever happened up to that point, including every single character being sapient

Great Being 1: "Guys, our planet is literally going to fall apart. We need to solve this."

Great Being 2: "What if we made two forty million tall robots, had them wait 100,000 years for some reason and then fuse the planet together?"

Great Being 3: "... What if we just extracted the magical goop that is destroying the planet's core and contained it? It'll take like, five years."

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I really do like the concept of a fictional universe just acknowledging the main characters are idiots and their actions aren't crucial linchpins that held everything together but the exact opposite

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A character travels dimensions and arrives in a universe where the Great Beings didn't attempt the GSR plan and their other plan worked without a flaw. Not only that, it took a mere five years and not 100,000.

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The best part of Bionicle lore is it acknowledges the whole Great Spirit Robot thing made absolutely no sense and was a terrible idea

The Physical Impossibility of a Good Take in the Mind of Someone Living

Reminder that Yaldabaoth is, in all textual senses, a reactionary trad catboy

@aismallard yaldabaoth is oft represented in gnostic mythology as a snake with a lion's head

he's a catboy

I'm not planning to leave any time soon but like, everybody leaves at some point, you know?

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this is inspired about how Aelanna still posts on her deviantart

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when I leave the SCP Wiki I will just simply fuck off and not interact with it any more. future generations will search my username and find me posting Breath of the Wild fanfiction or some shit

I don't believe the first tool was a bag. But I believe that bags are far more important tools than any weapons ever made by humans

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