The best part of Bionicle lore is it acknowledges the whole Great Spirit Robot thing made absolutely no sense and was a terrible idea

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A character travels dimensions and arrives in a universe where the Great Beings didn't attempt the GSR plan and their other plan worked without a flaw. Not only that, it took a mere five years and not 100,000.

I really do like the concept of a fictional universe just acknowledging the main characters are idiots and their actions aren't crucial linchpins that held everything together but the exact opposite

Great Being 1: "Guys, our planet is literally going to fall apart. We need to solve this."

Great Being 2: "What if we made two forty million tall robots, had them wait 100,000 years for some reason and then fuse the planet together?"

Great Being 3: "... What if we just extracted the magical goop that is destroying the planet's core and contained it? It'll take like, five years."

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