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That quote has had an immense impact on my behavior

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I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about that Hideo Kojima quote about Sticks and Ropes

mastodon has a mostly square profile picture so bonebone time it is

That being said, I also see a lot of published authors as mid-tier, so

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Still view myself as a thoroughly mid-tier writer despite everything

Trad-futurism: The belief that the earliest futures will still be possible, clinging to the 19th century visions of flying machines with wings like dragons and steam-powered blimps dragging cities behind their whirling fans. None of it is possible, of course; they pretend that things can go back to the Victorian fantasies of old even when they were already dead from the start, bound to the same fates of change that all societies share. Craving otherwise, they wish for release from history.

Thinking about the jank and terrible way the SCP Wiki is forced to store attribution metadata

Coming together with my roommates to form a single Superwholockian ala Captain Planet

all of these r/ImaginaryWhatever subs are too horny. I am not here to look at sexy women. I am not here to be horny. I am here for wish fulfillment purposes. I want to look at cool monsters and demons and faeries and think "haha what if that was me"

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how does anybody read Genesis and go "hmm pretty good but it needs rule34"

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r/ImaginaryMythology is absurdly horny. Like what the fuck. Why did you decide to make the Temptation of Eve a blowjob metaphor

get you a girl that will commit gnostic heresies with you

A rewrite of Dante's Inferno except it takes place in the Bass Pro Pyramid

if you're playing on USA difficulty DO NOT close dippin dots. if you keep the dippin dots chain alive and instead close toys'r'us you unlock the coronavirus event widespread vaccine solution a few years later

I made a comprehensive proposal to cover all possibilities and these horny fuckers managed to come up with new edge cases that don't fit the proposal

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Hilarious that a HIGH number of people won't be able to read their articles anymore because they got banned. (Except its not hilarious, just even more rage inducing)

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The sheer amount of hate I feel for every single user who ever posted an adult article to the SCP Wiki

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