I wrote about the death of Adobe Flash for How-To Geek! It's a pretty interesting story, and it's the first time I've had the chance to adapt a @techtales outline into a written article.


#web #webdev

Tech Tales has a subreddit now for discussing episodes! No posts from the community (yet), just a comment thread for each new episode.


Props to @corbin for the latest episode of @techtales - very well done!
soundcloud.com/techtalespodcas "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device [April Fools]" (7m:41s)

This was a good history of one of the thousands of research projects that Aperture Science pursued. Hopefully we'll learn more in future first of April episodes.

Note: Despite what a leaked document may imply (vulpine.club/@digitalfox/10069), I assure I am definitely not one of those research projects that left the facility without authorization.

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