I wrote about the death of Adobe Flash for How-To Geek! It's a pretty interesting story, and it's the first time I've had the chance to adapt a @techtales outline into a written article.


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Tech Tales has a subreddit now for discussing episodes! No posts from the community (yet), just a comment thread for each new episode.


Props to @corbin for the latest episode of @techtales - very well done!
soundcloud.com/techtalespodcas "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device [April Fools]" (7m:41s)

This was a good history of one of the thousands of research projects that Aperture Science pursued. Hopefully we'll learn more in future first of April episodes.

Note: Despite what a leaked document may imply (vulpine.club/@digitalfox/10069), I assure I am definitely not one of those research projects that left the facility without authorization.

Next month, Tech Tales travels to the final frontier for a new multi-part series. 🚀

The US taxpayer-funded video game "America's Army" is shutting down after 20 years. It was partially developed by Virtual Heroes, the same studio that made NASA's "Moonbase Alpha" game that we covered in an episode last year.


Listen to our episode on Moonbase Alpha: soundcloud.com/techtalespodcas

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