It's been 6 days since I blocked my old static IP at work. Some mystery device has stolen my IP, and now I can't get into the dumb thing to switch to DHCP. Any day now, that lease should expire...

When the DM says the wizard "looks like a cross between Jeff Goldbloom and Gandalf."

Someone rebuilt the DHCP server and didn't add the reservations and exclusions back...FML

I taught my bro how to ride a motorcycle today!

My new party, in Adventure Time style. We have Gimbal Garblebob, the halfling hedge wizard with his familiar Skree, Vashyra the sentient snake, and Marigold Grahamilton the dhampir echo knight.

I generated a bunch of adventures for my party, planned out a session, and they spent the whole night mortgaging a 300 year old ship at a buy here, pay here lot.

It was glorious.

Time to generate some quests for tonight's Traveller game!

I finished my sci fi quest generator for Traveller!

When you can't find the right app for your you just have to write it yourself!

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