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It's a good day for some yard work. Ugh...

Any devs out there? I'm having a bear of a time moving my navmesh and making it work consistently...

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I've started work on the Legacy system in my game. It allows old gear from previous characters to appear again.

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Sometimes when I'm testing my game I end up just playing my game.

In my Traveller campaign one player is about to find out he has psionics. Fun times!

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does.... does he know free speech laws vary from country to country?

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#feditips if you're planning on being an asshole to the Black people, indigenous people or people of color on here, you can fuck off right back to twitter or wherever you came from

I'm currently working on a new game called Loot Legacy. It's a top down action rpg.

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i love & support my friends who are black!! :blobcatheart:

i love & support my friends who are trans!! :blobhearttranscat:

also, saying slurs is mean and not even close to a funny joke :blobcatglance:

i hope this clears things up :blobcatlove:

My last was a little sparse, so here goes another one!

I'm a programmer and a gamer. I love D&D and metal music. I am currently trying my hand at game development in my spare time and trying to learn about this Fediverse thing all the cool kids are talking about. I practice Buddhism and I am a leftist, politically.

Add me, because you are rad, and I am rad. We can be rad together.

Is there anyone here that likes like D&D or Traveller?

Programming is fun, but Xamarin development makes me want to pull my hair out.

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