subscribe to validate patreon and literally get to read a scrapped route

not me having to learn writers besides those i am personally friends with dont actually bite

Today's gender is the sound of a dial-up modem.

facebook let me say dyke in front of my family and job corps cohorts

buck was uncomfortably like my dad but if my dad actually had achievements to speak of

or did i pick kanaya? i cant remenber. whoever picked it Knew

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zootopia wanted what chicken little had but for some reason they decided to insert a bad racism allegory in there too?

very glad he picked kanaya for me cause usually i end up sounding flat when i do characters anyway cause i. do not want to embarrass myself

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whenever carmi invites me to a liveread i get sooooo nervous like i dont do voices πŸ˜” i feel like when i do them other ppl will think they sound dumb. i can sing the whole chicago soundtrack in funny voices for myself but for others mouth zipped

i wanna redraw my avi but make it me. i mean it honestly could be me but its missing the 90s kodak disposable camera filter that all my baby pics had

homestuck discourse? 

i think one of the nastiest things about headcanoning june as a trans man, in the fandom as it is, is that it's never used as an exploration of gender and the difficulty of transition. it's always "j*hn was a trans man ALL ALONG, and was accepted and loved for it and never had any difficulty with it at all"

hello world

thats a little joke for u programmers out there ;)

wont act like i didnt ever enjoy lana del reys music but. maam.

im pretty sure nicki to this day has not recovered what she used to have when the pinkprint was released

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if lana was rly gonna get cancel cancelled remy ma wouldve written shether to be about her but its not

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lanas not gonna get cancelled but know what ur entertaining

i saw this sticky note drawing i thought it was vriska and one of the doctors is secretly a homestuck and then i got closer and realized it. actually was a crudely rendered penis

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