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imma just call it rtooting its funny

rting. rtooting. reblogging. boosting. what the fuck do i call it

(rting homestuck) i am fucking crazy....but i am free

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#homestuck #art im uploading the drawings i did for muse @callieroxy (DOES IT TAG??) because theyre cool and i love them also calliope rights

fuck you mean i have 35 toots ive been here for an hour

theres like no point in making a new acc in a new server if you can follow people from other servers anyway and have a federated timeline

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watch me never use this site again after 2 days

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still not trying to spam this account but remembered this is also relatively new so....*slides it to you*

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there is no pleading emoji here this is fucking awful

not wanting to like homestuck again because there's part of it that genuinely make me uncomfortable and the fandom makes me wanna rip my hair out vs my desire to be able to connect with all my hs friends again fight

homestuck................................ 😣

i will say that not seeing a reply directly linked to the original post like on twitter be confusing

the word toot dumb as hell but this site got good features

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