just remembered that my therapist cancelled today's appointment so i guess i have another hour of free time before my next lecture :blobcatcoffee: time to finish this book i guess

@masueh Sally Rooney's Conversations with friends :blobcat: just about to finish it though and then i think i'll start reading Normal People by the same author

@themboclown never heard of it! I like the title what is it about?

@masueh it revolves around a few characters and their relationships with each other. it's very contemporary and fun to read! they have a better description here though:

@themboclown that actually sounds brilliant I'll have to add it to my neverending pile of to-read books 😩😩

@masueh oh i feel that, i bought this book over a year ago and never got round to it until now 🤡 i do hope you read it though

@themboclown it sounds exactly like my cup of tea but I haven't been able to read anything that isn't from uni since the summer :wyd:

@masueh oh yeah i know what you mean, i'm trying to read for fun as much as possible before i start taking litersture courses because i'm sure i'll barely have time for any other reading then :psyduck:

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