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theres a massive snowstorm outside and im so glad i get to just stay inside and play stardew valley all day... im gonna video call a friend later and we're gonna play together and just Yes


the mood of the day is putting cheese and tortilla chips on toast

or like i will read for fun but like... extremely Sometimes... same with playing my old violin and all the other things that i really love to do... its so annoying because i'll just end up spending a month doing absolute fuck all

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how am i gonna study literature if i cant even bring myself to read for fun

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i still have a whole week until uni classes start again and im gonna try to at least finish the book ive been "reading" for a month and then maybe i'll try and speedrun another book before i have to return it to the library but the problem is. i recently bought stardew valley. it's been less than two weeks and i've played it for 55 hours. i cant stop playing the game even if i really want to do something else (like read all the books im looking forward to????)

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i have been on holiday for 3 weeks now i think? and i was gonna read so many books to make space in my to-read pile for the new books that i ordered... have i read any? no

i'm at my parents' house and my mum always gets up early so i read a few chapters of my book while i waited for her to come downstairs, then we made coffee i had 2 cups of it and now we are watching a movie and the sun hasn't risen yet and it's nice... i actually really like mornings even though i'm never awake early enough to enjoy them

i gave up with the sleeping thing so good morning i guess

my body really thought it was nap time instead of bedtime

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somehow my sleep schedule just keeps getting worse. i went to bed at 11.30pm thinking i was finally becoming human again but then i woke up at 1.30am and now it's nearly 4am and i still can't sleep


Keep in mind that the problem is not rioting the US capitol.

The problem is white supremacy. The problem is fascism.
The problem is that black folks are being shot dead for peacefully protesting and asking for their basic human rights to stay alive and have a decent life while whyte supremacists can riot the capitol being applauded and taking pictures with cops without being dead after that.

Imagine, just imagine, if it was black folks who did this riot. If wouldn't have been 13 arrests.

im gonna go to the second hand shop and buy myself some skiing equipment and then im gonna probably use them once and forget about the whole thing :thinkerguns:

its a good day to be half the globe away from america :3c

us politics 

fuck the whole united states tbh i cannot even say how angry it makes me to hear about shit like this without it even surprising me. the white privilege is strong today and so is the fucking audacity


excited for liberals to think this means We Need More Cops, and not that the cops are literally, 100% allowing this to happen

As the official spokesperson for grumpy, middle aged, binary IDed trans men, I have gathered you here to state:

Enbies are good. Experimenting with gender is good. You are as valid as you want to be. Nobody owns any of the genders and you can play with them however makes you feel happy, or curious or for no reason at all. Any reason is good as is no reason at all. Free genders for everyone!

2021 is the year of gender liberation for all.

Thank you.

just finished the last star wars movie why am i crying

It’s a cursed breakfast time in the hotel, and you are a cursed chick.

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