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in my first zoom lecture of the new year, it's semantics time babey


nvm we're doing it tomorrow because i need to get cake tins from my mum

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next im gonna have some soup and then my gf and i will bake a chocolate raspberry cake for no reason whatsoever

just spent over an hour looking at books at the second hand shop and bought like 14 books for 10€ so like, stonks, i guess

fuck it i'm not skiing today, i'm gonna go to the second hand shop and buy all the books because my to read pile isn't intimidating enough yet

debating whether i should go out for a ski or read my book and/or play stardew all day... it's my last day before zoom classes start again so idk πŸ˜”

after making like 5 picrews i finally made one that i like

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i need a picrew pfp how else is the fedi gonna know im trans

i forgot to take photos when i was outside but this is what i saw out of my window when i woke up... legit dont even know when i last saw a clear sky and daylight

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at least i went outside for once instead of laying on the sofa all day and also it was sunny and pretty outside so double nice

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went out for a lil ski and it was nice but im shit at skiing so i only did half of what i was planning and ended up getting the train home instead of walking back because my limbs are weaker than i thought


If you address us as "boys and girls" I will simply not listen to you, clearly you're not talking about me

it is widely known that Sylveon is trans, but did u know that there are actually no cis Pokemon,?

march 6th is gonna be a busy day... gotta watch sanremo, eesti laul, festival da canção, and melodi grand prix... simultaneously???

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i'm so excited for the eurovision national selections season!!!!!!!!!!

might actually finally try to get a job if it means i get to have some human interaction

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starting to get a bit desperate about the whole social distance thing im halfway through my fresher year in uni and ive barely actually Gone to uni i might go apeshit if classes are on zoom all this year too

condolences to my gf who had to go to work late because her train was cancelled but im warm and cosy :blobcatcoffee:

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