aahh i love eurovision season but i am sick of the fucking fandom

i love archie and ted from nintendogs bcs its always like. i can leave. you two can flirt as much as u want in this dog park/stadium

it's been a shit week and now i have a cold because i've been super stressed and my body seems to want me to slow the fuck down

the idea that you can be a “former racist” implies that like, you were a racist, learned better and then stopped being racist. but from one white person to another lemme tell you -

you will never stop unlearning racism. you will never have a day where you can hang up your hat and say “i’m done! i am no longer racist!”

you have no fucking idea how deep this shit goes. I DO NOT KNOW how deep this shit goes. don’t get too fucking comfortable.

it has been a whole entire day and now i will finally relax and breathe

swedish grammar is somehow very satisfying to me

just remembered that my therapist cancelled today's appointment so i guess i have another hour of free time before my next lecture :blobcatcoffee: time to finish this book i guess

it's only the first lecture but suomi kieliyhteisönä just might be one of my fave courses so far

ah wednesday, i have two uni lectures and therapy in between them, let's see how this goes lol

my replies are open to book recommendations with nonbinary characters that aren't poorly written and get to live

yesterday i finished a book that had an awesome nonbinary character in it. i got super excited about it and guess what? they got fucking killed at the end :/ we never get nice things huh

if cis people can make their gender their whole personality then i can too :blobcat:

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"i dont think this institution/social construct should exist" and "while this institution/social construct exists, it should be reformed" are two ideas that can and should coexist in the minds of leftists


yea i did it and it tastes incredible :blobcatcoffee: normalise baking elaborate cakes for no reason

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ok it's happening the cake is almost ready and i can't wait to fucking e a t it

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