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can I say that I realized HC'ing Dirk as transfem isn't, good. and I've came to see that and I just feel terrible now. transfem Dirk is just my comfort hc and I know it's not a valid reason for it, just projecting. it's erasure of his Canonically gay feelings n his masc appearance. I'm sorry. I know I have a bad history n such, but I don't go by shou anymore. I'm Dirk serket and I'm trying to improve by getting a fresh start. I didn't mean to harm anyone or erase anything .


haha Twitlonger go brrrr you don't have to forgive me this website is free

gamers see a girl and they're like BASED BASED REDDIT CRINGE

imagine if mspar took Dirk to the candy timeline to see adult Dave, along with the rest of the kids, a nice reunion between all of them since candy Dirk. yknow. plus it'd give us some adult betas/alpha sprites and that'd be pretty cool

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I wish Dirk's pesterquest was just Dirk, no ult Dirk ruining everything. or maybe have him be like a secret route instead of him intervening halfway thru and being a bitch

me: who needs coffee I run on proper sleep and good vibes :)
also me, at 1 am: vriska is a lesbinans and I have a aheadache

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